Sunday, April 20, 2014

Life Post: Easter Weekend and Back at School

I just got back to school about an hour or so ago, and I'm putting off unpacking at the moment. Car rides make me feel so sleepy that I just have no motivation to do anything afterwards. It was nice getting to see my family this weekend, and it's so weird that there are now less than three weeks left until summer break.

Last night was interesting. My sister's (and Jenny, the exchange student who lives with us) prom was last night, and three of them got ready at our house and their dates all showed up there. It didn't get as crazy as I thought it might, but Regina was freaking out quite a bit beforehand. Things apparently went well though, so that's good. She said earlier today that she still didn't think it had sunk in that she'd actually gone to prom. I don't understand that outlook since I've never thought of prom as that big of a deal even after having gone, but oh well.

Easter was great, although we didn't really do much, and I spent a few hours of it in a car. I got a bunch of candy like usual as well as a rune/Mortal Instruments necklace, the This Star Won't Go Out book, and Frozen on DVD, so that's all pretty awesome.

Now I just need to mentally prepare myself for the final weeks of classes and finals. It's hard when I know summer break is so close.

Summer break: 19 days
City of Heavenly Fire book release: 37 days
Sorry I'm Late album release 37 days

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