Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life Post: Homework Overload

School has gotten really crazy this week. I already had way more homework than I've had lately, and then I was given two more assignments (both due Thursday) in two of my classes today. It looks like I'll be doing nothing but homework for the rest of the week.

The week has been good overall though, and I haven't felt entirely overwhelmed yet. These two new short papers aren't going to help matters, but I'll manage. I'd already planned to write this post and a Naruto review today as well as film, edit, and upload a video to Youtube, so I'm still going to do that even with the new papers I have to do. Since I already had my to do list for today, I think I'll start one paper today, but then write the rest of the paper and all of the shorter one tomorrow. Not the best plan, but I already overpacked my to list today (mostly with homework). I have no doubt that the papers will get done. I just don't know how stressed out I'll be afterwards.

Anyway, I clearly need to go get other things done. I plan on writing that Naruto review before I even get to homework though, so expect that up really soon. I'm really excited to talk about these episodes considering the storyline I hated finally ended and we're back to some good (but also sad) stuff.

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