Saturday, April 5, 2014

LIfe Post: It's Too Early in the Year for This

I slept in later this morning than I typically do even on other Saturdays, and it was fantastic. Not only that, but my room is finally a normal temperature. I don't know what happened the other day, but Thursday night the temperature in my room started rising. It was odd because it wasn't even that hot outside, but by the time I went to bed it was 84 degrees. It kept rising because the air conditioner wouldn't work except for the fan, which did basically nothing. It was even hotter when I woke up, and it was like that for most of Friday as well. Finally, they got the air conditioner in the hall working, so even though they still won't work in our rooms, the hall is cold enough that our rooms cooled down. Right now my room is 76 degrees, which is basically the temperature I keep it at anyway.

That was all basically the biggest thing to happen to me over the past day or so because I was so concerned with trying to get my room cooler. I was worried it was just going to keep rising and I'd have a 100 degree room or something. People were walking around the dorm in short shorts and tank tops even though it's way too cold outside for it just because they couldn't stand to be in here in anything else. I'm glad that's over.

I'm really excited though because as I was writing this post, Little Mix officially announced that "Salute" was going to be their next single! We pretty much knew it already, but confirmation is always awesome anyway. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to that music video. "Salute" is one of my favorite Little Mix songs, and I've wanted it to be a single since I first heard it. It's just perfect single material I think, and it gives a good idea of what Little Mix is all about. I'm so excited! I know I already said this, but I can't wait to see the music video!

Summer break: 34 days
City of Heavenly Fire book release: 52 days
Sorry I'm Late album release: 52 days (Oh! I preordered a hard copy of the album and a signed poster!!! Yay!!!! I'm so excited!)

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