Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Naruto Shippuden Review: Episodes 151-155

I was going on and on in my last couple of reviews about hating the current storyline, and luckily that storyline came to a close in episode 151. I was more than happy to be finished with those episodes. So far, the episodes after that have been much better, so I hope that keeps up for a while.

Sasuke has got even more people after him after capturing the Eight-Tails, and I wonder how important that will be in future episodes.

We got quite a bit of focus on Itachi and Sasuke and all of that in episode 152, and that always gets me worked up. Plus, Naruto has finally found out about Jiraiya's death. I was kind of dreading that happening, but I also wanted it to finally happen. It had been long enough. It made these episodes a bit emotional, but at least that's not something I'm waiting to see happen anymore.

Kurenai being pregnant is in episode 153, and I can't figure out if that was in an earlier episode or if I just knew about it because of spoilers. This is one reason why I shouldn't read spoilers. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between what I've actually watched and what I've just read about online already. Either way, that was in episode 153, and Shikamaru also made a comment about being the kid's teacher in the future, which made me emotional for some reason. I just get really sappy sometimes, and I thought the idea of that was cute.

I thought the seen where they're talking about Jiraiya's code and Kakashi pops up having overheard was amusing. I have no idea why Kakashi was even there in the first place, but it provided some amusement.

And Naruto starts sage training in episode 155, and that's pretty awesome. I really look forward to seeing what happens there. Plus, Naruto's eyes looked really cool. I just had to comment on that.

Overall, I don't feel like I have much to say on these episodes except a few comments that are basically disjointed, but I think that's because these episodes are that way. I'm loving them a lot more than the episodes before, but these episodes are kind of like downtime before something else significant happens I feel like. There's not a whole lot to comment on. I'm really excited to see what happens next though!

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