Saturday, April 12, 2014

Reign Review: Season 1 Episode 17: "Liege Lord"

So, Henry seems to be getting even crazier, and apparently he's hallucinating now. Honestly, this has all made him a very frustrating character to me. He wasn't my favorite before, but now I'm cringing every time he comes on screen. I'm not sure if it's a good sort of dislike (where it's a good story even though I hate the character and all of that) or a bad sort of dislike. I really want something to happen with it in the near future other than Henry just degenerating into madness. I want someone to look into it, try to figure out what's wrong, or something like that. I know Henry wouldn't want to be cooperative, but I feel like everyone should be trying to look more into what exactly it is that's wrong with him.

Penelope is a character that I dislike far more than Henry. Wasn't she just supposed to be queen for a day? It's been more than a day, hasn't it? I feel like I missed something there.

Why haven't Katherine's ladies been in earlier episodes? It seems like they should have made an appearance. Now it seems obvious that she has them of course, but it never even occurred to me before. Now one randomly shows up, and I realized that they probably should have been around a bit before. It seems kind of odd that they just didn't seem to be around anywhere.

I'm starting to remember why I thought Kenna and Sebastian were cute at the beginning of the series. Honestly, I still feel extremely bad for them, but I'm also enjoying them being married, which I feel bad about too. I'm really hoping that they make their marriage work though because I really enjoy them as a couple.

Lord Julian proposes to Lola, she comes clean to him, and he wants to marry her anyway. I loved this storyline, and I'm definitely going to be rooting for the two of them now. I love that she came clean and that won't be a secret between them. Of course, it's still a secret from Francis, but at least her (possible) future husband knows. I hope things work out for them.

I feel really bad for Mary about the contract. I'm not surprised that Katherine or Henry did it, but it has to really suck knowing that your own mother betrayed you like that too. It makes me really happy that Francis is on her side about it though. I really do love their relationship.

It was also so great to see Mary step up as queen like she did. Mary and Katherine go about being queens in such different ways, and I really love watching how they are different. According to next week's preview though, there's going to be some drama between Mary and Francis over this. I'm hoping that's resolved soon. I'm completely on Mary's side though. She really does need to put Scotland first. She's not the queen of France yet, but she is queen of Scotland. Hopefully she and Francis come to an understanding about that.

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