Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reign Review: Season 1 Episode 18: "No Exit"

Well, a new episode of Reign airs tonight, which means that I should probably get my review of last week's episode up today. Whoops. There's a lot going on at the moment.

I don't know why I found it so surprising that Mary had a brother. I've just been picturing her as an only child this entire time. I think the dynamics between her and her brother are interesting though. It's somewhat similar to Francis and Sebastian but also a bit different. I do find it sad that she can't completely trust her brother to not kill her for her throne though. I completely understand why Mary wanted to trust him so badly even when Francis didn't.

I actually love that James is trying to get Mary to go to Scotland, even if it's to kill her on the way there because I'd love to see Scotland on the show. I doubt that will happen though, at least in the near future.

Also, can we talk about how James is the first Scot on the show that has actually had a Scottish accent? (Or wait, did the guys in that past episode? I can't remember.) Anyway, that just makes the other Scots lack of a Scottish accent even more glaringly obvious. This show really is all over the place as far as accents are concerned.

I really liked that Francis and Mary did finally come to an understanding about her being a queen though. I'd love to see more of Francis being supportive of Mary ruling and whatnot.

Henry is still getting crazier and crazier every episode. I'm starting to think that Penelope is an idiot. Maybe not an idiot per se, but someone who did something cunning, got what she wanted, and then became too arrogant to actually see what was obvious. Henry's gone psycho, but she thinks she has control of him. I'm glad she's finally back to being a servant because I honestly could not stand her, and I hope she doesn't show up again. Her stealing Kenna's wedding ring was the final straw of me not full out despising her.

Speaking of Kenna, she and Sebastian just get cuter each episode. The way they were married was still horrible, but I do love them together. I'm hoping everything keeps working out. I think I may love them even more than I love Mary and Francis or Greer and Leith (so sad he's gone though) at least at the moment.

Since I mentioned Greer, I want to mention her wedding really quickly. I wonder if it's even going to happen. Lola was already married, which I wasn't expecting that soon, but Greer's not. I'm kind of holding out hope that Leith shows up again and they can be together. I'm not sure though. Things don't tend to go that happily on this show.

There's definitely something up with Julian's past, and I feel bad for Lola. As far as I can tell, he likes marrying women for money, and I'm fairly certain he's not actually rich himself, only pretending. I also wonder if he doesn't suspect that Lola's baby is Francis's and if he doesn't plan to use that to his advantage. I can see that all going very badly, and it makes Kenna and Sebastian's forced marriage look good in comparison.

Oh, and I forgot that there was a good deal of Olivia and Nostradamus in this episode. They still weird me out as a couple. There's too much of an age difference there, and it happened so fast and out of place for me. I just can't get behind it.

Another thought that I just had: where's Clarissa and when is she showing up again? I've been feeling a lack of Catherine lately, and having another storyline with Clarissa would probably help that.

I'm looking forward to tonight's episode. Since it's been a week, I can't actually remember what the preview for it contained at all, but I'm hoping it's good.

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