Monday, April 28, 2014

Reign Review: Season 1 Episode 19: "Toy Soldiers"

At the beginning of this episode we find out that it's been a month since the last episode. Reign seems to really like time jumps. With everything that's happened and the six month (I believe) gap that was Francis and Mary's honeymoon, I think it's safe to assume that it's been roughly a year since the beginning of the show. I'm bad with timelines though, so it's completely possible that I'm wrong. The snowball fight throws it in our faces that it's winter, which would be a good clue, but I can't really remember what seasons we've been through. I just know there's been snow before, and I remember there being nice weather when Mary first came to court. I'm spending way too much time trying to figure us out though. The point is that we're now quite a long time from when the show started, and I wonder if Reign is going to keep this pace or slow down. Roughly a year per season isn't out of the ordinary though. I think the time skips are just making it seem like they're making things happen fast.

I really wish we could see the English court at least a bit. We keep hearing about what's happening there, and it just keeps making me want to see it more. However, I know the show is centered around Mary, and unless she goes to English court, I doubt we'll see it. Still, wishful thinking. There's a lot of potential for some good storytelling at the English court right now I'm sure.

The scene where Francis and Catherine confront Henry and he's not wearing trousers was the greatest. I just had to throw that in here I loved that line, but the looks on Francis's and Catherine's faces made it even better. It's like they can't imagine him possibly getting worse, and that was them realizing that he really has completely lost his mind.

Speaking of Henry going crazy, I really want to find out what's up with that. I've become so desperate that I've looked into historical stuff with no answers. I just want to know what's going on. (Also, unrelated to this episode, but while researching some stuff I discovered that Henry and Catherine apparently had a daughter historically. Where is she? Why couldn't she be in the show? Looking into stuff about her has made me think that she would have been very interesting to have in the show. I mean it, from the descriptions of this girl's relationships with both Mary and Catherine, she would have been amazing in the show.)

I really hope Mary and Francis work out all of this drama between them. Francis really does need to get that Mary is queen of Scotland and has to actually rule. He's frustrating me quite a bit. I'm sure that will continue to be an issue for the foreseeable future though.

Everything I said in my last review about how Penelope became too arrogant that she became stupid became even more true when she tried to fake a pregnancy. I know I said I hoped she'd never appear again, I did get a lot of satisfaction over Catherine getting the upper hand there. Now though I really am hoping that we never see Penelope again.

Oh, and I have to talk about Greer and Lord Castleroy. Lord Castleroy is very impressive in this episode. I still want Greer with Leith, but at least Lord Castleroy seems decent. He's looking really impressive in comparison to Lola's husband (who I don't remember even being in this episode). I'm still holding out for Greer to be with Leith, but if she doesn't, at least she seems to be marrying a decent guy.

We only have three more episodes left this season, so it will be interesting to see what all happens before the break between seasons.


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