Friday, May 30, 2014

Book Review: Highlights of Rome by Angelina van Kemenade

Published: January 10th, 2014
Publisher: self-published
Read from May 5th to 8th, 2014
Synopsis from Amazon:
"Rome is a city that has been in my heart the moment it started beating."
That is how the author Angelina van Kemenade describes her passion for Rome. With its long history and astounding architecture, the city is often referred to as an “open air museum.” This book includes a short history of Rome and its hills, and then guides you through the attractions that you should absolutely not miss if you’re headed that way.
With beautiful pictures, detailed descriptions, and even helpful maps to guide you, you’re sure to get the most out of your Rome trip with this book as your companion! The way she wrote the content is perfect for anyone who wants to spend their time in the city visiting the most important places and beautiful places. The best thing is that she also gives you details on the best transportation methods to get to every location without any setbacks. The book is useful from beginning to end and it never wanders outside the important subjects.
As a bonus, this e-book includes tips for traveling with children, walking routes, and even instructions on how to use local public transportation to move yourself and your family from one exhibit to another. Don’t miss out on Rome when you visit – use this book to guide you!


This book is really short, so it's a quick read for anyone interested in that sort of thing. Still, I think if you're planning a trip to Rome, you're going to want a longer, more detailed book to help you plan that trip. This one isn't going to do that. It doesn't give you enough information to really plan any part of your trip at all. It may introduce you to a couple of Rome's sights that you want to see, but you'll probably want to get more information than what this book provides from another source.

There were also a lot of grammar mistakes that made a lot of the book difficult to read. There were misplaced commas and awkward wording throughout the entire book. I can usually let a few mistakes here or there slide, but it reached the point very early on where I was already annoyed. It seemed like I was finding multiple places where there was awkward wording, if not a grammar mistake, on every page.

Overall, this book does present a bit of interesting information but not a lot of it. I think there are countless better books out there that can help you plan a trip to Rome or learn more about its history.

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