Thursday, May 1, 2014

Life Post: Classes are Over and Now It's Finals

I haven't posted here on the blog since Monday because this week has just been crazy. It was the last week of classes, which meant a lot of work to get done. This week is over though because tomorrow is reading day, the Friday before finals where our school gives us the day off to study. I really love it because, although I study, it's also a three day weekend before finals, and I think that helps relieve a bit of stress.

Since classes are over except for exams, most of my work is finished. Of my five classes, two were final projects and three are exams. One final project I presented today, and I think the presentation went well. It's over and done with, but I still have to go on Tuesday to listen to more people present. Our professor is bringing us pizza though, so I'm actually looking forward to it.

My other final project isn't done yet. It's hard to explain why that is, but I'll try anyway. Basically, we were given a brief idea of what the project needed to be, but it was really vague in order to make us be creative. I had a lot down that is basically the chunk of the project. I just wasn't sure how I was going to present that information. Today in class we went over different aspects of the project, but we really focused on discussing how each of us are going to present our information creatively. I have an idea now, and although I'm cringing at the thought of my drawing skills, I know what I'm going to do. Since I already have all of my information, the only work I really have is drawing (and then writing out the information neatly alongside the drawing). I'm not saying that won't be somewhat difficult considering my art skills, but it's not as stressful as getting the information all down. I won't be graded on my drawing skills, at least.

Other than that I have the three exams to study for, of course. One of the exams isn't cummulative over the whole semester. We're just being tested over stuff since our last test, and for that reason, I'm least worried about it. The other two exams are over the entire semester, and they're in the two classes that are probably the hardest to study for. I've been struggling with humanities exams more this semester than last semester because I just can't remember artists' and composers' names, and now I have to try and remember some from the entire semester. I feel kind of hopeless. As for the other exam over the entire semester, I've been doing better in that class on exams, but now that it's all of the material, I'm feeling overwhelmed about having to remember it all. Here's hoping for the best though.

Of course I also have to prepare to move out a week from today. I just finished rearranging the furniture in my dorm so that it would be exactly like how it was when I moved in. I had to do it now because 24 hour quiet hours kick in tonight at ten because of reading day tomorrow. I inevitably discovered a ton of dirt after moving furniture (including a dead bug under the printer which was a bit scary), so I also wound up cleaning, which is going to happen even more over the course of the next week.

I have stuff everywhere, and I know I don't have enough bags/suitcases/etc. to pack it all in, so I'm at a bit of a loss how to even begin packing. I think I'm going to wait until Monday to get started on that anyway. I'll have less and less to study as finals happen, so I'll use that time to pack stuff up. I have a feeling that a lot of it will end up thrown in the car with no container though because I'm at a loss. I do have a ton of empty plastic grocery bags if it comes down to it. We'll see.

I'm done studying for the night, but I still have tons to do. As I'm writing this, Little Mix's new music video was just released, which I seriously need to go watch RIGHT NOW! Plus, I have a ton more to do before Reign comes on in a couple of hours. I didn't mean for this post to be so long!

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