Thursday, May 22, 2014

Life Post: My Brother's Eighth Grade Graduation

I posted early yesterday after coming home from my brother's candle mass and then visiting my old high school, but I hadn't yet been to my brother's graduation, which was later that night. That's probably for the best because that ceremony turned me into even more of an emotional mess than I had expected.

My phone went dead before the ceremony even started, so I wasn't able to tweet until a while after the ceremony when we got back home. I definitely think that was a good thing because if I'd been allowed to tweet no one would have wanted to hear about the emotional mess I was. Even by the time I tweeted, I managed to turn out some overly dramatic stuff. I was just really preoccupied with my own St. Bernard years after graduation, and then I started thinking about high school and all of this stuff from the past. Then I got to the future and how daunting it is and how simple things were when I was younger and at St. Bernard. It was just this vicious emotional mess that I had to sleep off last night.

Anyway, my brother has one more day of school at this point because they had graduation before they actually finished, and I know he's really emotional about it. The first time I started crying last night was after he did. I'm sure he'll do great in high school though, and it'll be a good time, even though he'll look back to these years and remember them fondly too. We're just all getting older and growing up, which is scary sometimes.

That's pretty much shadowed over the rest of my last couple of days. The only thing else I have to say is that all driving sucks, but driving on country backroads is significantly worse. If only I lived in a place with good public transportation.

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