Friday, May 30, 2014

Life Post: Saying Goodbye to Jenny and Moving Back Into My Room

Yesterday was a rather sad day. Jenny, the Swedish exchange student my family hosted, went home after staying with us for about ten months. There were a lot of tears at the airport, and a lot of reluctance to leave. Things have felt kind of subdued in the twenty-four or so hours since she left, and I know everyone misses her. She hopes to come visit next summer, so here's hoping for that.

The airport was actually an interesting experience. She was flying out of a small airport here, and both of her suitcases were overweight, although one was only nine pounds too heavy. She wanted to empty it, but it was broken, and we couldn't get it open. In a group effort that included members of the airport staff, we ended up tearing the suitcase open, and the airport let Jenny have an old suitcase they had sitting around. The staff there were fantastic. They helped us a lot, and the worker who checked Jenny in was especially helpful considering we were there at least half an hour getting the suitcase open and repacking Jenny's stuff.

Once we got through all that, we went towards security, and after a lot of reluctance, everyone said goodbye. After quite a while, Jenny finally headed towards security because her flight would be leaving soon. We were all crying and it was incredibly emotional. Then, Jenny got up to the first security person, showed them her ticket, and got told that her flight had just been delayed an hour. They said she could wait with us if she wanted. This was just after they all watched the group of us crying and hugging and all of that. So, we got a bit of extra time, and then we all had to say goodbye all over again. We watched as she successfully went through security this time, and the security people were laughing as my sister and some of the friends there were yelling back and forth with Jenny.

Now that Jenny's gone, I have my room back, but it feels so odd. For one thing it's pretty empty. My room was always packed with books and stuff everywhere, but when Jenny moved in, my mom and sister packed all of that stuff up, and now it's in various boxes in places I'm not even aware of. Jenny's stuff took up the space before, but now that's all gone. While I've pretty much moved back in, and my stuff is in here again, none of the boxed up stuff has been replaced. Plus, my mom bought new book shelves, so I'm getting a lot of new furniture that wasn't here before. It just feels like a very different room now, and I don't know how long it'll take to adjust. I mean, I don't even spend much time here anymore, and I may never live here full time again, which makes it harder to adjust back to seeing it as "my" room. I feel like it's going to feel odd for the rest of summer vacation.

The Fault in Our Stars movie release: 7 days
How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie release: 14 days
Birthday Bash/Little Mix concert: 14 days (TWO WEEKS!)

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