Saturday, May 10, 2014

Life Post: Summer Break Laziness

I've definitely settled into a laziness that you can only feel during summer break. I can't find the motivation to do anything anymore, especially with the weather seeming summery finally. I did manage to get quite a bit of writing done yesterday, so there's that. I'm hoping I keep that up all summer. That's my biggest goal for the summer other than managing to get my license (I haven't done any driving yet but let's hope).

I was going to write about something here, and I completely blanked on it right as I went to write it down. We'll blame summer for that too. Oh, nevermind. I was going to write about Blogilates and how hard it is to find the motivation to do it now. The main problem there isn't actually summer laziness but the fact that I don't really have a place to do it. I don't have my own room right now, and with all my family around, there's no place to escape to in order to do it. When I have my room back, that won't be as big of a problem, but of course, by then I might be even less motivated to do it. I'm determined though, and when I tell myself I'm going to do something like this, I will. I just need to figure out what I'm doing for the next few weeks when my family's here.

Other than that little problem and not exactly having a room, summer break is going great so far. Let's hope it keeps that up.

City of Heavenly Fire book release: 17 days
Sorry I'm Late album release: 17 days
The Fault in Our Stars movie release: 27 days (Less than a month!)

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