Friday, May 23, 2014

Life Post: Too Many Graduations

Today feels like the calm between the storm with Matthew's graduation being over and Regina's being tomorrow. Today is actually my brother's last day of school, so I hope he's doing well. I remember my last day of eighth grade being really emotional, but he gets to be at Holiday World (a local theme park) on his. Maybe that'll counteract any sadness.

I just hope tomorrow goes well for everyone. I can see it getting really stressful and crazy. I can't believe that my little sister will have graduated high school after tomorrow and my little brother has already graduated eighth grade. It's insane and makes me feel just a bit old. Here's to hoping I don't get emotional tomorrow like I did at Matthew's graduation.

City of Heavenly Fire book release: 4 days
Sorry I'm Late album release: 4 days (So close! They're both so close!)
The Fault in Our Stars movie release: 14 days (Two weeks!! Insane.)

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