Sunday, May 11, 2014

Life Post: Visiting Family on Mother's Day

Most of my day has been spent at my grandma's with a bunch of my family in honor of Mother's Day. Some of our relatives from Florida were here visiting as well, so it was really nice to see everyone. We also sat outside for a while after it rained and was feeling really cool, and that was pretty nice.

Almost as soon as we came home, my dad turned on the TV and Breaking Dawn Part 2 was on. My dad turned it on for some reason, and we've been watching it ever since. Even though I own this movie on DVD, I've really only seen it twice (once in the theater and once on DVD).

Other than that my day hasn't been really eventful. Well, I consider spending time with my family eventful, but it doesn't make for a very full sounding day. Anyway, the climax of Breaking Dawn is starting, so I suppose I'll end this now and watch the rest of it.

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