Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Life Post: Weather, Driving, Dogs, and Writing

I feel like I've been unusually occupied by the weather since January, but it went from being insanely cold to insanely hot. Since 2014 started, there have been very few days that weren't one extreme or the other. I'm happy to say that today the temperature got down to a much more reasonable level, even if we are dealing with some rain still. It's a bit chilly, but nothing unbearable. It's still better than how hot it was before. This is only supposed to last a few days, but I'm hoping the heat won't be quite as horrible later.

I drove today for the first time in at least several months. My mom and I went to the cemetery because my mom wanted to put some flowers by the grandparents' grave. It was a short drive since the cemetery is right outside of town, but I had to drive my sister's car, which I hate anyway. I at least got "warmed up," and hopefully next time I drive it won't be with that car.

I just got interrupted while writing this post because two dogs owned by two different neighbors were staring each other down outside like they were about to fight. One dogs was walking around the fringes of the other dog's "territory." Luckily, nothing came of it. The one dog sniffed around the edges of the yard for a while and then wandered away. Even one of our dogs was staring them down from the window like he was anticipating something happening, but he didn't bark like he usually does at people who pass. This right here is why I would never let a dog run free, or one of quite a few reasons really. You never know what will happen if they come in contact with another dog.

I've been getting a good deal of writing done since summer break started, and I managed to finish a draft of what I was writing. I'm setting it aside for the second time now until I can find beta readers willing to go over it for me. (I've found one who will probably be reading it soon, but I want at least one if not two or three more.)  Now I'm going to start writing the rewrite of the How I Met Your Mother finale that I've been wanting to do since the finale aired. My ideas for it were all vague until I sat down and outlined it earlier today. Now I have a clear idea of what I want to do, and I don't think it'll be that long. Hopefully, I have that done and posted soon.

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