Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reign Review: Season 1 Episode 21: "Long Live the King"

It's another week of me not getting my Reign review up until the day before the next episode airs, and this time I don't have school as an excuse. Whoops. I've been getting a bit on the lazy side since finishing up the semester, but in my defense I have been doing an incredibly amount of writing. It just didn't happen to be this. Anyway, let's get to this episode before the season finale airs tomorrow.

Francis is back at the castle, but we don't get the reunion between Greer and Leith that I was hoping for. Can that please happen in the finale? I'd like to at least have the assurance that they'll see each other again before we have the wait between seasons.

Mary told Elizabeth that she wasn't going to claim the crown, which was a smart move on her part all things considered I think, but it's not exactly making her friends in France.

You can't blame Francis for not being entirely on board with killing his father. I get Catherine's point, of course. An insane ruler isn't exactly the ideal situation. Still, bringing up your plan in front of the guy you're planning to kill's son isn't really advisable. Of course Francis was going to be against it, and all things considered, Catherine probably would have done a better job of killing Henry if she hadn't mentioned it to Francis first and just done it.

It was a bit sad to hear about Henry's upbringing. It makes me a tad sympathetic, but I still strongly dislike him. The fact that his father wasn't the greatest isn't really all that surprising, but the story did make me wonder how Francis ended up the way he is. I mean, if you think about both of his parents, I'm not really sure how baby Francis turned into current Francis. He should be more manipulative and probably more messed up (although Catherine has proven that she's generally pretty capable as a mother, I'll admit). I'd never given it much thought before, but now it's on my mind.

I knew there was something more going on with Julian, although I wasn't expecting him to not really be Julian. I suppose I should start referring to him as Remy, but I bet that'll be getting me mixed up a lot in the future. Lola's husband (who might not technically be her husband? He signed someone else's name on the wedding certificate, so maybe that makes the marriage invalid. I'm not so sure how the law would work there.) is gone, and Lola will be back at the castle. It's the perfect set up for Francis to actually learn he's the kid's father. I do wonder if we'll be seeing Julian/Remy in the future or if he's gone for good though.

Pascal is a bit on the creepy side for me. I figured there was something more with the kid, so I wasn't surprised when we found out that Sebastian killed his parents. That was a nice plot twist and could develop into something interesting in the finale. I think that kid is going to do something though. I'm a bit worried that he'll try to murder Kenna in her sleep or something. No matter what happens, I'm sure there's going to be a lot of intense stuff there in tomorrow's episode.

At this point it's looking like we're going to have a ton of loose ends between this season and next. I'm thinking the finale is going to focus on the darkness and/or Henry's madness, but I don't think either one of those can be tied up completely in one episode, which makes me think they'll carry over next season. We also have Clarissa who hasn't been mentioned in ages, and there are a lot of other storylines including ones that I'm sure I've forgotten about that are in no way all going to be able to be covered in the finale. I just hope this stuff, especially the bigger stuff, is addressed in season two and doesn't end up dropped forever.

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