Thursday, May 29, 2014

Supernatural Review: Season 1 Second Half

I'm so incredibly behind on doing this. I'm actually so far into season two that I'll probably be doing another review on that in about two weeks or so. I just haven't been doing a good job keeping up on things like this since finals and later summer break started. This is also the first Supernatural review I've done here on the blog because my review of the first half of season one was done on my Youtube channel.

Like last time, these episodes feel a bit hard to review because the show is so episodic. Also, it's been quite a while (about three weeks) since I finished season one. I've gotten far enough into season two already that I feel a bit disconnected from season on, so let's see what I come up with.

Yeah, I'm looking through my notes, and I'm just kind of feeling like "nothing here is worth mentioning in a review anymore." It's been so long since I watched these episodes, and I just don't feel like most of it is worth it anymore.

I did think the story about Dean only having a bit to live and then being healed was interesting, and I liked that it carried over. It was interesting seeing Dean feel guilty for getting to live, and those storylines were probably my favorites from these episodes.

There was another mention of Indiana, which I always think is cool.

The car crash was an interesting cliffhanger to end to season on, but of course, I already know what happens after it. I really jumped when that happened to. It nearly gave me a heart attack because I wasn't expecting it at all. I knew they wouldn't be dead though, so after the initial fear of it happening out of nowhere, I wasn't really bothered.

I know that's pretty much nothing at all, but it's all I can come up with to say about these episodes. I'll try and get my next review done a lot quicker because hopefully that will mean I have more to say in that one. I just can't think of anything significant to say about these episodes.

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