Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Best Day Ever"

I've decided that I throw out the title "best day ever" a lot. At first I wondered if that was a bad thing. Maybe I was cheapening it by declaring so many days the best day ever, but I've decided that I like it. I'd rather have a million best days ever than a million worst days ever. I have plenty of terrible days, but I don't tend to refer to them as the worst days ever the same way I call positive days best days ever. I think that's the most important thing.

It's also not like I'm calling every good day a "best day ever." I do limit my use of the term. Any day I've called best day ever has been a once in a lifetime event, and I can recall all of them now. I think the real trouble would start if I began using the term for every single day that didn't suck. Then we might have a problem.

So, some people may think the term "best day ever" should only be used once, and some may roll their eyes and think I'm a bit overenthusiastic, but I like it. There's nothing wrong with calling attention to those once in a lifetime days, even if there may actually be more than one of them. I like the positivity of thinking they're all "best day ever" days. It helps remind me of all the awesome experiences I've gotten to have.

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