Sunday, June 22, 2014

Life Post: Editing, Organizing Bookshelves, Korra, and Stuff

My favorite part of this weekend has definitely been being able to sleep in after babysitting last week. It's nice, and I don't have to babysit this weekend, which means that I can look forward to sleeping in this week too. I'm more excited than what is possibly normal.

Saturday was a really productive day. I did some editing on the fanfiction I'm working on right now. I think I'm going to have that all ready to begin posting sometime this week. I have yet to actually get around to working on it today, but I plan to.

In addition to that, I also did some organizing on my bookshelves. I don't think I've mentioned this here on the blog yet, although I've been tweeting about it almost every day. My mom bought two bookshelves for my room, which is something I've wanted for an insanely long time. (Of course she does it when I'm in college and away most of the year.) Now I'm going through the process of sorting through all the books I own and arranging them on the shelves. My room's a mess now because everyone under my bed (i.e. all books) has been pulled out, and I have stacks all over the floor (which is how my room used to be before Jenny moved in anyway) in order to sort them out by series, author, etc. I haven't even started on the boxes and stacks in the closet, so there's a long way to go. I don't even see them all fitting on the shelves. I made some good progress yesterday though, and I plan on making more today.

Yesterday I also drove out to my aunt and uncles. They live in the country, and I'm terrible at driving on those narrow, curvy roads. I made my mom drive back because I just couldn't handle it again. At least I drove for a bit though because I hadn't in a while. Anyway, we were up there for a bit visiting with them, and my aunt gave my mom some green beans and tomato juice as well as some eggs that their chickens laid. We also saw my grandfather's tractor. This tractor is the first one he ever bought, and my uncles (and I think some of my cousins were in on it too) managed to track it down and buy it back from whoever had it. They've restored it now, and I think they're probably going to show it. Apparently one of my cousins wants to actually use the tractor in the fields, but no one else is going to let him. It has too much sentimental value for them.

I'm a bit behind on what I want to get done today, so I need to wrap this up. I still need to edit and organize books and all of that. I'm actually really excited to get to it all. I want to have pretty bookshelves. You have no idea how nerdy I feel over my excitement at finally having bookshelves other than the small one in my closet. I'm also excited to get to editing since I'm so close to finished. Today should be good.

Oh! I can't forget to mention Korra! We got an announcement the other day that the new season starts on Friday! I wasn't expecting that at all, but I'm insanely excited! That means I get to start doing reviews again soon, and we'll have more to talk about! My obsessive use of exclamation points should show how I feel about all this. We have a new trailer that shows Zuko talking too, and since all I've wanted for a while is to see Zuko, I'm pretty much on cloud nine. It's all very exciting.

Well, as I was finishing up this post I got a call asking me to babysit this week, so ignore what I said earlier about getting to sleep in. I was looking forward to a week off, but at least I'll get paid. Honestly, I have mixed feelings, but I think most of my negative ones come from the fact that I've been getting terrible headaches every day I go over there for some reason. Oh, well though.

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