Friday, June 20, 2014

Life Post: I'm Really Not Happy with Sleep at the Moment

Two days ago while babysitting I wrote a blog post all about sleep, and I wrote that blog post at the exact same time in the day as I'm writing this one now (that part I swear is a coincidence). Well, I'm going to do that again.

See, I wrote that blog post while extremely tired, but otherwise just fine. Then, as the day went on things went downhill. This is a usual thing for me when I don't get enough sleep, so it wasn't entirely unexpected. Sometime after lunch (between about one and two I think) I started to get both an extremely bad headache and feel nauseous. It only got worse, and those few hours spent babysitting like that felt five times longer than the entire rest of the day. I knew the only way to fix it was by sleeping, but I couldn't because I was babysitting.

Needless to say, when it came time to go to bed last night, I was not going to go through Wednesday again so soon while babysitting today, so I went to bed two hours earlier than normal last night. I rarely do that, so that in and of itself is a sign that I'm desperate to now feel as horrible as I did Wednesday. My body, however, seems to be unable of thinking ahead and wasn't very happy with going to bed early. I laid in bed until basically the time I normally would have gone to bed anyway, which means I really didn't get more sleep than usual.

I'm hopeful that just laying in bed will have helped a little bit. I'm being optimistic because I actually woke up before my alarm this morning, and on Wednesday I actually overslept because I turned off my alarm and was immediately asleep again. I'm hoping that means I'm actually more well rested than I was Wednesday, even if it doesn't feel like it, and I'm hoping I'm well rested enough to avoid the nausea.

All that means that I'm kind of living in horrible fear that I'll start feeling sick here in a few hours. It doesn't help that my allergy medicine doesn't seem to be helping at all, and that typically leads to headaches too. I'm scared the two things will exacerbate each other. Here's hoping for the best though. I'm hoping I'm paranoid over nothing.

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