Monday, June 30, 2014

Life Post: Last Minute Babysitting Changes

I haven't written a life post in more than a week, and that's mostly because I spent a lot of last week babysitting. I was supposed to get last week off, but like I said in my last life post, I found out on Sunday that I was going to be babysitting on Monday. Then on Monday they asked me to babysit more that week, so that was the majority of what I did last week. However, the opposite happened this week. I was supposed to babysit today, but late last night, they called and said they didn't need me. They also said that they weren't sure whether or not they'd need me on the other days I was supposed to babysit this week. We'll see what happens.

So, that means I have free time today that I didn't expect to have. Unfortunately, I was kind of lazy after I got to unexpectedly sleep in, and I got off to a slow start as far as writing is concerned today. I managed to get a lot done in the last hour or so though, and now I've done almost all of the writing I want to get done today.

I also need to clean my room. In the process of organizing my bookshelves, which I managed to finish last week, I pulled out a bunch of junk that wasn't books. That stuff is all lying on about half of my bedroom floor now, and I have to walk on it a lot to get over there. I've been avoiding cleaning it up mostly because I don't know where to put any of it. That's going to change today though. I'm too fed up with walking on papers and old folders instead of carpet.

Now, I'm off to finish up my writing for today so that I can be done with that. I'm really close to finishing up this fanfiction, and then it'll be ready to start being posted. That'll be the second one I've finished up in only about a week or two. I'm loving the amount of writing I'm managing to get done this summer.

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