Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life Post: Little Kids are Cute

I'm currently sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's office, and it's not me who has the appointment. It's my sister. She hasn't even gone back yet either, so I'm in for a long wait out here. I'm not looking forward to it. If I was smart, I would have bright my kindle, but I didn't want to lug it around, which means only my phone to occupy me.

I'm here because the two of us actually have another appointment with the dermatologist after this, so I had to come with her to this one too. We'll probably be in Evansvillefor a long time because of the length between appointments and everything though, so most if my day will probably be here. We have to figure out how to occupy time between appointments too other than eating lunch. We'll see what happens.

I'm wrapping this up now because I hate writing on my iPhone. I keep making typos. Here's hoping I caught them all.

Okay. Nevermind. One last thing: there are a ton of little kids here because it's a pediatrician, and two toddlers are talking to each other about their baby siblings. That was unbelievably adorable.

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