Monday, June 16, 2014

Life Post: Sleep in the Summer

I'm babysitting again today. I've only been here about twenty minutes or so, and I'm insanely tired. Actually babysitting isn't hard at all, but waking up so early is definitely the hardest part. I should be going to bed early on days I babysit, but that never actually happens. This week I'm babysitting every other day, and I'm slightly worried that by the end of it I'll have lost it over lack of sleep.

The problem isn't really how early it is but what time of year it is. I adjusted into a summer sleep schedule where my body can't seem to process that I need to be asleep at a certain time. I go to bed really late on some school nights too, but overall, I'm more aware of what hour have to wake up at in the morning. This is different, and since it's summer, I can't get myself to sleep at all. Hopefully I'll adjust more each time I babysit and I'll actually be able to sleep.

In good news, the dog didn't bark when I came in, so that's a huge improvement. He really is extremely sweet once he gets to know you, and I'm really glad he seems to be over the getting to know me part.

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