Saturday, July 12, 2014

Even More Harry Potter Stuff, and I Love It

Only a few days after I wrote a post about the new Harry Potter short story I got, we got even more on Pottermore. The Quidditch World Cup has been going on, and Pottermore was updating on that. Then, yesterday we got the World Cup final, and that included a live update thing written by Ginny Potter and Rita Skeeter. The first thing I have to say, seeing "Ginny Potter" written so many times really threw me, and it could me pretty excited each time. It's been years since the epilogue, but seeing that is still a bit strange (in a good way) to me.

The entire thing was so much fun though. I loved how Ginny was focused on updating about only the Quidditch match, but Rita is only focused on the VIP box with the Potters and Weasleys. Ginny mostly ignores here, but there are a few times where she just can't retrain herself and has to correct Rita. It all gave me a fantastic mental image of angry Ginny. I love it.

As for the actual information we got on the characters, most of it was small, but most of it managed to be absolutely adorable. Ron kissed Hermione on the cheek, and Luna and Rolf were holding hands. That was all just so adorable. Teddy and Victoire also spent the entire time flirting other than when they were separated by Bill once. At this point, I'm absolutely shocked that James was shocked to find them snogging in the epilogue. Clearly everyone else could tell what was going on, and they don't seem to have been hiding anything.

The absolute best bit of information that we got, as far as I'm concerned, is that Neville is Albus's godfather. I freaked out when I read that, and I loved how much Neville seemed to be interacting with Albus from the little tidbits we got too. He's definitely a fantastic godfather. It makes me so happy. I can't even begin to express. I definitely think Ron and Hermione are James's godparents, which I love as well, but having Neville as Albus's godfather makes me even more happy. I just love that connection, and I would love to see Neville's reaction when Harry and Ginny asked him. It's all just wonderful.

There is one other thing I want to mention quickly that isn't directly about the actual story stuff we got. Some people have been talking recently about whether or not this stuff should even be considered canon since it's not in the books. It's a valid argument, and even I typically follow the argument that, if it's not in a book, it's not technically canon. Stuff that's not written down in the actual books (or seen if it's a TV show or movie) is no more valid coming from an author than it is a reader. (This Pottermore stuff does get a bit complicated since it's written down in a story-like way, but it isn't actually in a Harry Potter book.) I get that, but that doesn't keep me from getting any more excited about this stuff. If someone chooses to disregard all of this stuff we're getting, I have no problem with that. I definitely don't think it has to be considered canon, but all of this stuff makes me happy, so I'm going to continue to freak out about it anyway. I kind of few this stuff as being in between canon and fanon. I'm putting more stock in it than I would fanon, but I'm fine with it not being considered absolute fact as far as canon is concerned.

Now that the Quidditch World Cup is over, I'm not sure if we'll be getting more or not. Some people are beginning to speculate that we'll get something special on Deathly Hallow's seventh anniversary (which is July 21st), and a lot of people are pointing towards Rita saying her book is coming out July 31st in that one article. Doing something on July 31st would be incredibly fitting as far as I'm concerned since it's both Jo and Harry's birthday. I'm not sure if anything will happen, but I'm definitely going to keep my eyes pealed in case something does happen. I'll be incredibly excited if we really do get something really good.

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