Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Life Post: Babysitting Makes Me Sleepy

I hesitated to even write this post. I was planning on posting something yesterday, but so much happened that there was no way it was going to happen. There's just been a crazy amount of things going on the past week or so, and it's making social media and this blog a bit difficult at the moment.

Anyway, moving on. I was babysitting the past two days, and now I'm absolutely exhausted. Even after getting to sleep in today, I hardly feel awake. I have to babysit again tomorrow too, but I'm hoping I can really catch up on sleep after that.

Other than that, I'm not really doing much. I've been spending my morning writing, and I'm hoping to get back to that after I write this. I'm actually really surprised at how much writing I've gotten done so far because I forced myself to not check Twitter (except once right when I got up) and Tumblr until I've hit my word count for the day. It was a good decision, but it also feels really weird. I'll probably keep that up in the future though. Anyway, it's lunch time, so I'm going to go find myself some food before I get back to writing.

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