Sunday, July 6, 2014

Life Post: Family Gatherings During 4th of July Weekend

I've had a pretty awesome Fourth of July weekend. On Saturday, I was at my aunt and uncle's most of the afternoon for the yearly get together that my mom's side of the family has. It's the only time each year that so much of the family gets together at once, so it's always nice. It's also a chance to catch up on how all of the my cousin's kids have grown. I always have to relearn them each time because they grow so much (and there's a million of them which is hard to remember with my terrible memory).

Nothing terribly eventful happened though except checking up on family. My cousin had to jump in the lake really quickly at one point because one of the little boys was hanging off of his older brother, and even with the adults yelling at him, he wouldn't let go, which was causing his brother to keep going under. Everything was fine though, even if the whole thing did result in some tears. That was probably the most dramatic moment of the day, although there were a few other incidents that result when you get a huge group of kids ten and under all in the same lake.

The best part was definitely seeing a few of my cousins that I hadn't in a while. One cousin was visiting from far away, and another has just moved back to the area. (Her husband's in the military.) Seeing both of them was nice as well as the rest of the family that lives around here but who I don't always see (and even less so since I started college and am not here year-round).

I even got to see some of that family again today because they came to our house after church, so that was nice as well. It's been a really great weekend.

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