Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Life Post: I Need to Work on My Sleeping Schedule.

I'm always so exhausted after waking up to babysit, even if it's the next day and I got to sleep in. That's a bit scary as the time I have to wake up to babysit is the same time that I'll be waking up for classes four days a week this coming semester. I may need to figure out how to deal with that. It'll be the first time I've had eight AMs in a while and the most days of the week I've ever had eight AMs unless you count the entirely of school before college. Since I was always sleep deprived back then (especially in middle school when I had some major problems), I may have a problem, especially since I just naturally go to bed way later than I did back even in high school on school nights. I seriously can't fall asleep at the time I used to anymore, but I may have work on that, even if it means nights of laying in bed for hours before finally falling asleep.

Anyway, not much is happening today that's eventful, but I have an insanely long to do list. I'm flying through it, but there still seems to be so much to do. I don't even know how it got this long. I've written about half of the words that I want to today in order to hit my word count goal. I've actually done more than half of my to do list already, but there seems to be so much more. I guess I should wrap this up so I can get to the next item on that list, which is getting some more writing done. I'm reaching the point where I can see the end of this story, which is exciting. I'm looking forward to finally having a draft done.

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