Sunday, July 13, 2014

Life Post: I'm Not a Fan of All This Heat

Today's been a long day when I really haven't done much. I say that because today's my family's church's summer social, which means I've been out in the heat for a lot of the day, and I never handle heat well. I came home the first time and had a migraine, so I took medicine and watched Korra for a couple of hours. Then I went back down there in the heat again while I still had a bit of a headache. I feel terrible even though all I did was walk around or sit the entire time. The days they set as the summer social each year always end up being the hottest. Today was the hottest day of the entire week, not to mention the humidity. I'd be okay just staying inside for another week now. It's one of those times where you're sweating the second you walk outside.

I was supposed to work, but then there was a mix up and that didn't happen. I'm extremely thankful because I'm pretty sure I would have gotten sick from the heat if I stood out there much longer. I have no idea how some people aren't affected by heat, but I really wish I was one of them. It's a bit odd because I get cold so easily, but I also can't handle heat at all. I have such a narrow range of temperatures that actually feel comfortable to me, and I really despise it. I'm either shivering while everyone else is perfect or I'm getting migraines and nausea because of heat.

After all of that, I've pretty much thrown out everything I planned to do today because I just can't be bothered. I spent all of my time not at the social so far watching my new Korra DVDs (It's so great to finally have both Books 1 and 2 on DVD.), and I just recently pulled out my computer. I filmed a Korra review earlier, but I'm going to wait to edit it. I think for the most part I'm just going to watch shows and stuff for the rest of the day and possibly read. That's all I feel like doing.

I'm back to babysitting tomorrow after two weeks, so I'm sure I'll get a lot of writing done tomorrow while I'm over there. That makes me feel a lot better about not getting any done today. I keep telling myself that I'm going to give myself one day a week where I don't write anyway, and then I never actually do that. Now I'm giving myself that day today. I've finished two fanfictions recently anyway, so I've been doing good. I've already made some decent progress with my newest one too. I need to stop being so hard on myself that I'm not writing more because I'm writing way more than I usually do already.

Anyway, I feel like this turned into a mostly complaining post, which I didn't plain. I just get that way when I'm tired, which I already was today before going out in the heat. Waking up early to babysit tomorrow should be interesting. I look forward to the writing I'll get done though.

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