Friday, July 11, 2014

Life Post: Korra on DVD and Starting a New Hunger Games Fanfiction

My mom has taken me to Walmart twice this week. She was walking down aisles today that we were just down a couple of days ago even though almost everything was exactly the same. As someone who's not a fan of shopping, it wasn't exactly fun. It was even less fun when you consider the fact that we went to Menard's first.

It may have actually been worth it though because I bought Books 1 and 2 of Korra on DVD! There was an entire display of them in the middle of the aisle that I swear wasn't there just a couple of days ago. I was really surprised but also really happy to see it, and I wasn't going to buy them at first. My mom actually kind of talked me into it which is surprising, but I'm so happy right now! Plus, there's two new episodes tonight, so I'm just all around really excited about Korra right now. I really want to go back and rewatch both parts of Beginnings now because I've been wanting to see that again for ages.

Because of that shopping trip though, I've hardly gotten any writing done today. That story I was talking about in my last post, the one I was struggling with? Yeah, I gave up on it. It just wasn't going to happen, and I couldn't keep going with it. Instead, I've started work on a new Hunger Games fanfiction that's a companion piece to one I've finished writing but have yet to post. It's going far, far better so far. I've actually been mulling over this idea forever (pretty much since I started writing the story it's a companion piece to), so I'm really excited to finally get it down. I'm not far, but I'm hoping to get more of it written before Korra comes on tonight.

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