Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life Post: Monotony, Writing, and a Holiday Weekend

This week has become just a tad bit monotonous. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for a week off of babysitting, but it also means that a lot of my days recently have been sitting around at home writing. That would be great if I managed to write as much as I do when I babysit. For some strange reason I get less done at home, probably because I'm too easily distracted here.

I'm doing a pretty good job today of getting writing done though, just like I did yesterday. I finished up another draft of my How I Met Your Mother fanfiction, and now I've moved on to editing a draft of the original urban fantasy story that I've been working on quite a long time at this point. I still want to make quite a bit more progress in that before I consider myself done for the day though, and I'm hoping it doesn't take too much longer.

With this weekend being Fourth of July weekend, I'm not sure how much writing I'll be getting done over the next several days. It depends on what happens with my family's get-together this weekend. You never know how long we'll be there and whatnot. I'm definitely hoping for cool weather though. I've never handled being out in hot weather for long periods of time well, and my mom's family is too large to fit all in one house. That's why we only ever get together as one big group during the summer. My aunt and uncle have a good size chunk of land, and we always gather where there are pine trees and a lot of shade, but that's only so much help on the really hot days. (There's also a lake to swim in to be fair, but for various boring reasons, I haven't swam in it in years.) The point of this little ramble was to say that if it's really hot that day, I'm going to come home feeling somewhat sick, and I can pretty much guarantee no writing will be happening then.

Anyway, I still have things to get done, so I'm going to get back to all of that. I hope all the Americans are preparing for good Fourth of July weekends!

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