Sunday, July 27, 2014

Life Post: Weddings and Moves

Yesterday, my cousin who's a year younger than me got married. While I wish them both the best, of course, I can't get over the weirdness of it either. Two younger cousins has gotten married already, but they were each second cousins once removed, and while it's still weird to think of each of them as married, it isn't as weird as watching one of my younger first cousins get married last night. I have no idea why it was weird than the last two weddings because, despite the first cousin thing, there's really no difference between how close I am to all three of them (in fact, I might be the least closest to the first cousin all things considered), and all three of them are about the same age. Maybe it's just the fact that it's the third now, I don't know.

I hope they're both very happy though, especially since they have to move and everything. (My cousin's in the Air Force.) And it was a nice wedding and all of that. The Maid of Honor forgot to bring the ring with her, so there was a rush for it during the ceremony. That will definitely result in some memories for the future.

In an attempt to get more driving hours, my mom has pretty much started making me drive absolutely everywhere and sometimes for no reason. Today we went to the pharmacy and to return some clothes and then my grandmother's house to drop something off and visit. My grandma just sold her house almost right after it was put on the market. She doesn't even have somewhere else set to live yet, so hopefully she finds something soon. She has several apartments she's looking at, and I'm almost positive that she'll find one. The house looks a lot emptier already though, even though she's not moving quite yet. I think she's been in this house four or five years now, so it'll be weird adjusting to her living somewhere else. We've done it multiple times before though, so it'll be fine.

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