Monday, August 11, 2014

Book Review: Unrequited by Emma Grey

ISBN: 9781483529592
Published: May 26th, 2014
Publisher: self-published
Read from July 9th to August 4th, 2014
Synopsis from Goodreads:
Seventeen-year-old Kat Hartland loathes Unrequited, the world's biggest boy band. Is she the only girl in Sydney who can't be bothered with perfect-looking Angus Marsden?
Give her 5 Seconds of Summer. Now.
Or maybe the seriously-hot med student who rescued her on a train—and who could be Douglas Booth's twin! Perfect formal partner, much?
But when Kat comes face to face with Angus Marsden himself, things start to get complicated. Very. Throw in a deranged female popstar, final exams, a part in the musical and a mum who just doesn't get it—and where is her best friend?
When did life get so crazy? Kat's just an ordinary schoolgirl.
Isn't she?


I did not like this book at all. I didn't expect it to be that much when I picked it up. I just thought it would be light-hearted and possibly fun, but there were so many problems with the book that I just couldn't get passed. I don't want to go through every single one of them, but I will mention a few.

The story itself was just unbelievable to me. Obviously, in this sort of book I'm going to allow some suspension of disbelief over certain things, but this book just had too much. I couldn't believe any of the things that were happening. None of the romance was realistic to me either, which led to me not caring about it at all, and it jumped around far too much and happened far too quickly.

The characters were all very shallow as well, and I didn't care for them at all. One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer seemed to be name dropped all the time, and that only made it more obvious that this band in the book was basically One Direction. Technically, it wasn't, but there was nothing original about them. Kat starts the book talking about them being One Direction rip-offs, and that's honestly how I left the book feeling. Kat may have had a change of heart, but there was nothing in there for me. Angus was the only band member really in the book at all, and even he didn't have a personality. (However, I still know exactly which One Direction boy he's supposed to correlate to.) It would have been fine if they'd actually been fleshed out and whatnot, but I left the book feeling like I'd read a book about some girl who had no personality and a boy band that was basically a flat sort of One Direction in a book. (Oh, and the female celebrity "villain" in the book definitely seemed like she was at least inspired by Taylor Swift, especially with the whole Harry/Taylor thing in the past, and I couldn't get passed that while reading either.)

That pretty much wraps up my biggest problem with the book, and I don't think I'm going to waste time going into everything else. When it comes down to it, this book was just over the top unbelievable and had no interesting characters at all. It read a lot like all of the One Direction fanfiction that I know is out there, and you can read all of that for free.

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