Friday, August 8, 2014

Legend of Korra Review: Book 3 Episode 10: "Long Live the Queen"

Wow. This was an intense episode, which seems to be how I'm describing almost every episode this season. I love it. We're getting so close to the finale now, and I'm really excited to see how this all concludes. I seriously just watched the episode, so I feel like everything should be fresh on my mind and this should be easy. However, I'm actually struggling to decide where to start.

First of all, Asami is incredible. I feel like I don't talk about that enough, and I really want to right now. She was amazing in this episode. From getting herself out and helping Korra and then fixing the airship and then building a raft thing. She was all over it this episode, and it was awesome.

I was really hoping Bolin would metal bend in this episode, but it didn't happen. I still think he's going to. There's too much build up at this point for it not to actually happen by the end of the season. I particularly loved all of the prisoners chanting Bolin's name. I pretty much love anything that's an ego boost to Bolin.

That huge sand fish was unexpected. I mean, there's a giant fish that swims around in sand. That's awesome.

Zaheer not only kills the Earth Queen, but he does it in such an intense way that, if the show didn't cut off right as she dies, there's no way Nick would have gone for it. That was crazy. It's definitely an airbending move that I've seen fans talk about before as being possible, but I don't think anyone expected to see it happen on the show because of the pacifism of Air Nomads. That's one of the great things about finally getting an airbender villain.

It'll be very interesting to see what happens to the Earth Kingdom from here on out. I see thing devolving into chaos since Zaheer killed the queen and didn't manage to actually put some sort of government into place. Things aren't looking so good, and I'm not entirely sure why Zaheer thought that was a good idea. I'm feeling like we're going to get some wisdom about why anarchy is a bad idea in the next few episodes, but I'm wondering if this storyline is going to lead to democracy in the Avatar world (even just in the Earth Kingdom) or if things are going to go back to a monarchy.

I've come to the conclusion that I love every single interaction between Lin and Naga ever.

And the thing that I have to freak out about the most: ZUKO WAS IN THIS EPISODE! Yes, I did use all caps. I had to. I was hoping he'd come back, but I wasn't holding my breath for it. As soon as Tonraq was mentioned, I was like, "Last time we saw him, he was with Zuko. (slight pause as I thought about it) Wait. ARE WE GOING TO SEE ZUKO!?" So, yeah, I was a bit excited. I may have been yelling at my computer screen. Korra and Zuko interacted, guys. Not only that, but Lin and Zuko were in the same scene as well. That makes me far more excited than I can even convey in this post. I'm so excited about what this means about the future episodes. (Also, Zuko's dragon antagonizing the other animals was the absolute best. I'm looking forward to some dragon/Naga/Pabu interaction.)

I'm hoping all of the Krew are reunited next episode, and I'm fairly confident they will be. I don't see them being apart that much longer. That and seeing more Zuko are definitely the two things I'm most excited for in the coming episode. I also wonder when we'll see the airbenders again. I feel like things are going to be really intense from here on out, and I'm so excited for it. The rest of this season should be incredible.

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