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Legend of Korra Review: Book 3 Episode 11: "The Ultimatum"

This might be a bit of a weird review because I moved back to school today, which means a timezone switch, very little sleep, and a new room to write this in. But yesterday's episode was amazing, and I'm incredibly excited to talk (or rant) about it. (Plus, I currently have pineapple and chocolate milk, which is a somewhat odd combination but is putting me in a better mood after fighting with my blinds.)

Mako and Bolin were great in this episode. I loved seeing the two of them commandeer the airship. Both of them attempting to fly it was great. I particularly loved the bit when Mako tried to clear the ship and everyone just went back to stealing. Moments like that are my favorite type of Mako moments.

I'm also really happy that the two of them saved their family. I look forward to hopefully seeing more of them in the future, especially their grandmother. I'm wondering if her loyalty to the Earth Queen will be important to the story in any way. My favorite bit with her was when she asked Mako why he wasn't dating a girl like "one of these fine ladies" (i.e. Korra and Asami). I love how much the girls' former relationships with Mako are being handled this season. It's great. That was one of my favorite parts of the episode, and probably would have been my favorite part if we hadn't gotten Iroh and Zuko.

Which, speaking of Iroh and Zuko! I was not expecting Iroh at all, and I'm so excited for him to have another appearance. I was screaming and crying when he was talking about Aang and Zuko's friendship to Korra. Guys, he called Aang and Zuko best friends. Best. Friends. Not just friends. Best friends. That's one of my favorite moments in the entire show so far, and I'm not even embarrassed. I honestly want nothing more than Aang and Zuko BFF fanfiction right now, but I've been too busy to actually look for any yet. Even more, I want to write Aang and Zuko BFF fanfiction right now (and have planned to for such a long time), but again, too much going on at the moment. It's also made me want to go back and watching the first season of Last Airbender for nostalgia's sake, but that's another thing that has yet to happen.

Anyway, I haven't even gotten to Zuko's conversation with Korra, which wasn't quite as amazing (just because it happened to lack the phrase "best friends") but was still amazing. I did love Korra's line about Zuko knowing Aang better than anyone else, but I'm a bit confused over why it seems to have created such a stir in the fandom. Guys, I ship Kataang more than anyone and I love Aang and Zuko's friendship more than anyone. I think everyone needs to come in mind that this was coming from Korra. Someone who never actually saw Aang and Zuko interact. She just knew they were good friends, and obviously she's probably heard more about them together (important figures) than things about Aang's family life with Katara and all of that. I think that's just the kind of thing you say to someone when you're asking about someone else. I don't think it actually means Zuko knew more about Aang than anyone else in the entire world. If I could hazard a guess, I imagine all of the gaang members knew each other so well that differences in that would have been miniscule. Korra's line was coming from her point of view though, and she's not the most accurate source for information on Aang's relationships of all things.

That being said, the line still made me fangirl like a crazy person. I just love the idea of it after Zuko spent so long trying to capture Aang. Wow. It's the best.

A few other things about Zuko (since I clearly can't talk about him enough). I loved his reaction to learning that Korra talked to Iroh. It was adorable and somewhat heart-breaking. Also, I loved his line about going to protect his daughter. I got so excited. I do wonder about his grandson though because you'd think he'd be in danger too. I'd love to see Zuko's daughter, especially actually with Zuko, but I think we're more likely to not see Zuko or the rest of the Fire Nation royal family at all in the season finale, which makes me sad. I desperately want to meet her. (I also want to actually find out for sure who Zuko married, but I realize I'm only going to get so much here.)

Oh, oh. I can't forget Bolin's reaction to meeting Zuko!! Guys, that was such a gpoy moment for me. I can't even believe it happened. That would have been me except more tears. I have never felt more connected to Bolin than that moment (which is funny since I already probably relate to Bolin than any of the rest of the main cast).

As for the rest of the episode, the Korra and Mako hug was adorable! I feel like you can't really tell how much of a Makorra shipper I am from my reviews this season because their relationship is kind of on a back burner and I've been busy screaming about Zuko. I do love them though, and I love little moments like that between them.

The ending of this episode was also insanely intense, which isn't surprising since it's only the season finale left. I'm so excited for that this coming Friday! It's going to be amazing!

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