Friday, August 1, 2014

Life Post: The Babysitting Comes to an End

Today is my last day of babysitting, which feels somewhat odd. I think most of it is because it's a reminder that summer break is almost over. There are only about two weeks left at this point which feels very odd. This summer has really flown by just like all of the summers in the past. I am excited for school to start again though.

Other than babysitting, I went to Owensboro with my mom and brother last night to get some art supplies for my brother. If I hate driving during the day, I really hate driving after dark. That was terrible. I have to have at least ten driving hours past dark in order to get my license though, so I have to do that at some point.

A new episode of Korra also aired online today! I still hate Nick's video player on their website. It's terrible, and I had multiple problems with it. I'm also still really mad about the lack of advertising. Still, the episode was amazing. I'll review it in more detail later (tomorrow here on the blog, I think), so I'll wait to talk about all of that then.

I'm also closer than ever to finishing this first draft of the Hunger Games fanfiction I've been working on. I've written about 2/3rds of my word count goal for the day, and I only have a few chapters left to write. I'm definitely going to finish it sometime next week (if I don't somehow manage to finish it this weekend). I'm really excited and happy about that.

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