Monday, August 18, 2014

Life Post: First Day of Classes

As I'm writing this, we're in the middle of the first day of classes for this year. I have three today, and I've been to two. Both went pretty well, and I'm excited for the rest of this semester.

My first class today was Spanish, which is difficult just because it's at eight in the morning for days a week. I know I'm going to be absolutely exhausted. We also used almost no English the entirety of class, which is new for me. We never did that in my high school Spanish classes, but I actually liked it. I realized too that I think I remember more Spanish than I'd thought. My biggest struggle was always conjugating verbs, but as far as vocab goes, I think I retained a good deal of it, which is always good. I'm hoping that I manage to become at least somewhat proficient with Spanish this semester.

I've also already been to my sociology class, which I'm really looking forward to. If I had to study something other than English and education, I'd probably be studying sociology because it really fascinates me. I'm really looking forward to that class and what we learn in there. Most of our classes seem like they're going to be discussions, and while I usually struggle with speaking a lot in class, I also love discussions in a lot of ways. I just hope the class dynamics are good because that can make or break class discussions.

I still have on class today, and that will be the first English class I have for this semester. Then I have two more tomorrow (in addition to Spanish again). I have a third class that's really one-on-one with a professor that's an English class specifically for education double majors, and I'm still in the process of scheduling that with the professor. Since I love English though, I'm already looking forward to those classes. Plus, I've already had both professors that I'll have for those three classes (as well as the one I'll have for the arranged class), so I already know what they're like in class and all of that. I even know most of the people that will be in the classes with me already. I've finally reached the point where there's a particular group of us who are in all of our major classes together all of the time. I love it. It's so weird being a junior.

I've also managed to already complete my Spanish and sociology homework I was assigned for today, so let's hope I can stay this on top of it all semester. I think I can, but I also haven't gotten a good idea of the full scope of my work load yet. I'll have an even better idea after my next class in a bit. I'm going to go try and get some more stuff done before I need to go to that though.

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