Monday, August 4, 2014

Life Post: I'm 21!

Well, today's my twenty-first birthday. It feels so weird to say that. Just like every birthday before it, I don't actually feel a year older. The weirdest thing I knowing that I can now go out and buy alcohol if I want. I still don't usually remember that I can even buy cigarettes (probably because I never have), and it's been three years since I turned eighteen. It's just so weird knowing I'm an adult because I don't feel like one the majority of the time.

Anyway, I'm not doing much on my actual birthday since I already went out with my family last night and got my present from them. Today is mostly me just sitting around at home trying to process my new age. Other than that, I'm using the day to get a good deal of work done on this fanfiction I'm beta reading for someone. It's a Jane Eyre fanfiction, which is interesting since I've never actually read Jane Eyre. It's supposed to be like a retelling of it though, so it's a bit different.

Other than all of that, I'm not doing much today. I decided to take a break from writing for my birthday even though I'm incredibly close to getting the first draft of my Hunger Games fanfiction done. I think I may even manage it tomorrow (if not, then hopefully on Wednesday). Right now though, I think I should probably go update my bio here on the blog in order to reflect my actual age now...

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