Saturday, August 16, 2014

Life Post: I'm Back at School

I moved back to school today! I'm in a different dorm building this year with a different layout and all of that, so it feels a little weird. Plus, I have to adjust to just being back to school as well. I thought the summer flew by, but now that I'm back, it feels like it's been ages since I was last here. That may go away quickly once classes start though.

This year I have more of a suite-style dorm. Last year I just had one room and then a bathroom I shared with someone else. This year, I have a bedroom and then I share a living room and bathroom with someone else. That will take getting used to since I've been used to just one room dorm rooms for the past two years. The view from my room is pretty good for watching planes land though, so that's pretty neat.

Last year we moved in on a Sunday and then we had classes the very next day. This year I have all day tomorrow to do whatever before classes start on Monday. I like this a lot better, but I also feel like I'm supposed to be starting classes tomorrow. I can't convince myself that it's actually not until the day after tomorrow. I feel really unprepared for it too, which might have something to do with my realizing at the last minute that my notebooks weren't here. I have some now, so that's all good. But now I can't shake the feeling that I should go get my textbooks immediately even though I always wait until after I go to the class first before I get them.

I have a lot I want to get done tonight though, and I'm also absolutely exhausted, which means I want to get it done as quickly as possible. I'm hoping I can get some rest tomorrow before classes start.

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