Sunday, August 3, 2014

Life Post: My Last Post as a Twenty-Year-Old

In less than twelve hours I'll be twenty-one. That's such a weird thought to try and process. I definitely don't feel like I'm that old, and this is pretty much the last huge milestone birthday. The next ID I get won't have that "under 21 until 08/04/2014" thing on it. It was weird enough when the under 18 one was taken off. I can't believe it's been three years since that. Wow.

I got my birthday present from my parents early, which was their idea and not mine. (Maybe that's what growing up feels like?) It was mostly clothes for when I begin teaching, which is definitely a grown up sort of gift. I got a new hoodie though that I absolutely love even though I can't wear it yet, and a new pair of Converse that are the prettiest blue color. I also got a Mockingjay pin bracelet that I've wanted for years and am really excited to finally have.

We're also going out to dinner tonight a day early, so that's exciting. All of that also means that I'm not actually doing anything on my actual birthday though, so that day will be free for my to have an existential crisis over how old I am, which is probably what I'll be doing.

So, yeah... This is going to be my last post here as a twenty-year-old. That's weird. Nothing's really going to be changing much obviously, but that's still incredibly weird for me to think about.

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