Sunday, August 31, 2014

Life Post: The One Direction Concert!

I haven't posted here in four days because my weekend was absolutely crazy, as I talked about it being before it actually happened. My friend Haley came up on Thursday night in order to get here before we had to leave for Chicago, which we did on Friday.

We got to Chicago early, which was probably good because it meant we had plenty of time to worry about parking and all of that. We also got to see the Bean which was fun and something I'd wanted to do for a while. Unfortunately, we ended up parking a long way from the stadium, and there was an insane amount of walking. Just getting to the stadium wore us out, and that was really just the beginning of everything.

Still, after the Bean and all of that, we still managed to get to the stadium quite a bit before the doors opened (which was already two hours before the concert). We were just walking around unsure where to go, and we ended up walking past the stage doors where fans were gathered. We were walking along a path that had a fence thing up so we could barely see and the fans across the street started screaming. The security guards kept moving us along, but we could tell someone was out there. We went over across the street, and some girl had a picture of Harry from when he had come out. I can't believe we were that close to commotion yet could only make out figures through the screen. We stood across the street for a while, but nothing significant happened.

We went into the stadium right when it opened, so we sat around in there for two hours, which honestly didn't feel anywhere near as long as it could have. I think I was so anxious for it to start that time actually flew by instead of dragged on.

Five Seconds of Summer had a great performance. It was really awesome to get to see them.

One Direction were absolutely amazing. It was one of the best nights of my life definitely. I can't believe I've seen them twice now. I love them so much, and I'm still beyond honored that I got to go to the concert that was on Liam's birthday. The boy's kept referring to it as Liam's birthday party, so that's what I plan to refer to the concert as from now on in my head. I just can't believe I got to sing happy birthday to both Jesy Nelson and Liam Payne this year. It's been unbelievable, and it makes me so happy.

Also, all the boys had some really cute speeches, but Harry had a really cute one that included thanking Liam's parents for him. Liam also had a really adorable speech about what how lucky he was. It was just all so nice and amazing.

Since this is me we're talking about, I have to at least mention how incredible Niall is. Wow, did I enjoy watching him. I was probably looking between him and Liam most of the time. (Except when Harry got really cute and distracted me.) Liam held my attention because it was his birthday (and he was being cute), but Niall just manages to capture my attention all of the time. It sounds so cheesy to say I'm drawn to him, but I am. My eyes just naturally drifted towards where he was on stage, especially when he was playing guitar. I haven't publicly went on about my love for Niall in a while, but after that concert, I feel like it's necessary. He's just wonderful.

After the concert we had an insane walk back to the car, which definitely wasn't fun. It was worth it to see One Direction, but my body still hurts two days later.

The rest of my weekend involved driving Haley home and then spending a night at home. My mom drove me back up to school today. I've definitely been in cars enough for quite a while this past weekend. I'm looking forward to resting tomorrow, although I have home to do as well. I have managed to stay pretty on top of the papers I have due on Tuesday though, so that's impressive. I didn't work on them at all on Friday, but how I managed to work on them yesterday and today is beyond me. I also slept a full nine hours last night, but I still feel sleep deprived, so I'm looking forward to bedtime tonight.

All in all, this weekend was pretty amazing. I'm so thankful for that concert and the experience, even if walking around Chicago was a struggle.

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