Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Life Post: Second Day of Classes is Complete

I've now been to all of my classes for the semester except for the arranged one, which I've already set a meeting for next week. I really think this is going to be a pretty great semester. At first I was pretty sure I'd prefer my previous dorm building over this one, but I'm not so sure that's true. We'll see how I feel at the end of the year, but so far I'm really liking being in here a lot.

As for the classes, I had Spanish again today since that's a four day a week class. I'm really excited about the idea of actually picking up Spanish better than I did in my three years of high school Spanish. I already feel like stuff I'd forgotten I knew is coming back to me. So far we haven't had a vocab word that I didn't already know, even if I wouldn't have been able to draw any of them up from my memory a week ago. I really like how the professor teaches us. At first the times when she went on little rambles in Spanish were scary, but just two days in I already figured out that I can already almost always get the idea of what she's saying even if I don't recognize all of the words. Obviously, my Spanish is still at an absolute beginner's level, but I'm determined to really work on it this year. (I'm required to take two semesters, so I'll continue after this semester.) I'm already in the process of learning Japanese, so I'm a bit nervous about the two languages at once thing. Still, I want to really work on Spanish on my own as well as in class. I've learned a lot recently about the best ways I learn language (through teaching myself Japanese), and I want to try all of that with the Spanish as well.

I also had the other two (out of three) English classes today, and I had one of those moments where I remembered just how much I love English. I think that's why I've suddenly become so determined to learn more languages too. (Well, not "suddenly" per se, but I've become more determined lately.) I've always loved reading and writing followed after that, and I've really started realizing that my love for all of that is a love for language in general and how it helps people express themselves. That really is all it is: a way for people to express themselves and connect to others, and all languages do that. I didn't mean for that to turn into a cheesy little rant, but I'm really excited for this semester because of the three literature classes and the Spanish class because I just love words in general. (Plus, my other class is sociology, which is definitely another subject I find fascinating and would probably be studying if it weren't for my love of English.)

Both English classes seem like they'll be great. I know the professor (same one in both classes) from a previous class, and I even know a lot of the people in both classes. They're both focused on American literature (one being a survey course and one being focused just on Modernism), so it'll be interesting to have them back to back. I really look forward to it though.

What's also nice is that most of the reading for both courses will be online. The professor said she didn't want us to have to pay for textbooks, and most of it (especially the first class) is available online easily because the copyright has expired. It's pretty nice to have fewer textbooks, and the books we do have are just normal books as opposed to incredibly expensive textbooks.

The only downside to my day is the fact that I still haven't managed to get the bulk of my homework done. I finally finished my Spanish after working on it between every single class. (It was so few questions. I have no idea why it took so long.) I have no idea why I haven't managed to get anything else done. Actually, that's a lie. I know why. I've been doing other stuff. Right after classes, I took a break, and I just haven't gotten back to my homework yet. Right after this I want to do Blogilates for the day too, so there's that. I will get to it though. It's not too late yet. I'm definitely remembering what the typical workload feels like again though. Don't become an English major unless you're fine with spending the majority of your days reading. You will be miserable. I also already have a paper to write, but it's nothing big (only two pages). I really do need to get to it all though, so I'm off to actually get things done.

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