Thursday, August 14, 2014

Naruto Shippuden Review: Episodes 186-190

I could be wrong, but it looks like I haven't posted a Naruto review here in more than two months. I'm now twenty episodes ahead of where I was then. I'm actually a bit confused because, while I know I went back to posting Naruto review on my Youtube channel the past couple of times, I didn't think I'd posted three there, only two. Looking back on it though, I was wrong and did more there than I had though, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've been watching a ton of Naruto lately though, and I'm really happy with how quickly I'm getting through episodes. I only posted my last review on Youtube a week ago, and I already have five more episodes to review. That's definitely going to stop being the case as soon as classes start back up next week, but I've enjoyed it while it lasted.

Anyway, on to the actual episodes...

I'm definitely tired of all of this filler, but I do think it got marginally better in this set of episodes than it was in the previous ones. I like how we're getting to focus on different characters because I always enjoy seeing characters that we only get to see every once in a while. I also like how all of the stories tie back to Naruto somehow. He is the main character after all, and while I like seeing more of all of the characters, it's also really nice to see how Naruto has affected their lives.

The episode with the flashback to when Lee was injured and Naruto made it his mission to get the special flower to help him wasn't the greatest episode overall, but I did enjoy the sentiment behind it. It was so nice to see Naruto so determined to help his friend, and Lee's reaction to finding out that Naruto, Sakura, and Ino had gotten the flowers was nice. That's the kind of thing that makes these filler episodes tolerable. If they're showing some nice, fuzzy bits between the characters, I can live with them.

We also got a filler episode with Jiraiya in here, which is another way to make me a bit emotional. I enjoyed that though. I feel like he keeps coming back up, and I wonder how long he'll be such a prevalent source of flashbacks. I particularly like that now we know the full connection between Jiraiya, Minato, and Naruto. The scene where Jiraiya is thinking about how Naruto is basically his grandson was such a cute one, and I really loved it.

There was also a great line in that episode: "It I went against my word, I wouldn't be who I am." I really enjoyed that line.

Another flashback we get involves all of Team 7, which is another flashback that I really love. These flashbacks jump around so much that sometimes I have a bit of difficulty keeping track of where they are timeline wise, and you never actually know where you're going to be when you start an episode, which is interesting. Anyway, I enjoy every time we get to see Team 7 together again, and showing anything about Sasuke and Itachi's relationship is another way to get me a bit emotional.

That was definitely an interesting storyline with all of the cats, but since I enjoyed seeing all of Team 7 and the bits about Sasuke and Itachi being close, I would be willing to say that it was more enjoyable than anything else. I think I just really need to learn to look at the good points of this filler from now on because it feels never ending, and I don't want to be miserable watching it all.

The last episode in this set of five is one that I really don't have much to say. Naruto's paired with three ninja we've never met before in it, which was interesting in its own way. Generally speaking, if we know the characters, we'll know their dynamic throughout the episode, but in this case it was a mystery. We don't typically see Naruto paired with ninja that we haven't met at least once before. If it happens, it's usually only one foreign member to the group and then we get to know them and they'll show up again. I can't say for certain that these guys won't show up again, but I don't really see it happening. I did enjoy the story of the old man, and if one of the characters was to show up again, I'd imagine it would be him.

Overall, I am ready to get through these filler episodes, but they could have been a lot worse. I did find them at least more enjoyable than not.

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