Friday, August 15, 2014

Summertime Madness Book Tag

This is going to be another one of those posts where I tag a Youtube tag and answer the questions in a blog post instead of a video. I'd originally planned to film a video for this, but since I'm moving back to school tomorrow, I just don't want to take up the time that would require. Anyway, this tag was originally created by JackEatsBooks, but I learned about it (unless I watched someone earlier and then forgot) from malarayofsunshine. (Warning: I linked directly to both of their tag videos, so those will play automatically if you click those links.)

I think it's pretty fitting to do this tag on the day before I move back to school and only a few days before classes start. I'm really getting a bit nostalgic for summer now that it's almost over. Anyway, on to the questions...

1. Show a book with a Summery cover! i.e Sun, Beach etc.
When I think summery book covers, Sarah Dessen immediately comes to mind. I know I'm not the only one either because I've watched other people who showed one of her books for this challenge. She's one of my favorite authors, and a big reason for that is because she really introduced me to the world of young adult. I don't actually know how many of her books I read during the summer, but there are several that take place during summers. In fact, I'm having trouble deciding just which ones to show. There are beaches on several, and I'm leaning towards one of those. How about...
That Summer. I think I settled on this one in the end because it also has "summer" in the title. It's definitely a summery cover though.

2. Pick one fictional place that would be the perfect destination for your Summer Vacation!
You have no idea how tempted I am to say Hogwarts (always my go-to fictional place), and the only thing that's stopping me is that everyone would be on break during the summer. Sure, it would be fun to just explore by myself, but it's not completely Hogwarts if there isn't the fun magical classes and all of that happening. I'm trying, instead, to think about a fictional place that would be relaxing, but that's hard when most books tend to involve drama more than relaxation. Oh! Oh! The Burrow is my answer! How did I not think of that before? I was too wrapped up in Hogwarts, but going to spend time at the Weasley house would be perfect during the summer.

3. You're about to go on a flight to your Summer Vacation. But you want to read a book that lasts for the whole flight so what novella do you choose? 
If we're sticking with novellas, I'm not sure because, while I might have some novellas on my "want to read" list, I don't remember what they are. I'm going to choose a volume of Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori. It might not last the whole flight depending on how long the flight is, but I get so into Ouran that I would probably read it over several times without getting bored. (I could even choose one of the volumes where they're on summer break to fit with the mood and get me more excited.)

4. You have a case of Summertime Sadness what happy book do you pick up to shine a smile on your face? 
This isn't going to be a summery answer, but my go to books when I'm sad are Harry Potter. Sometimes I'll read one of my other favorites, but I'm more likely to go to Harry Potter than anything else.

 5. You're sitting at the beach all alone...which fictional character would be your beach babe? 
My ultimate crush is Peeta from the Hunger Games, so he's definitely my answer. He can't swim, but I'd prefer to stay in the shallower water anyway. I'm sure we'd have a great time.

6. To match your ice cream you want an icy cool sidekick! Which fictional sidekick do you pick?
I feel like every time I do these sorts of tags even I get frustrated by how often I bring up Harry Potter, but there's really no answer to this other than Hermione Granger. I can just see us grabbing ice cream and chatting about the books we managed to read this summer. She could also catch me up on what all her friends are up to. I'd try not to fangirl. It would be one of the best days of my life.

7. Share the Summertime Happiness! Who do you TAG? 
I'm not going to tag anyone specific, but if you want to give this a go, then feel free. Be sure to let me know if you do, and I'll check it out.

That was a lot of fun. I was already starting to prepare myself for autumn though, and now I'm right back into summer. Someone come remind me that school starts on Monday and I need to pack.

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