Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Life Post: Canceled Classes, Tests, Etc.

My earliest class today actually got canceled. I'm definitely thankful that I got more sleep out of that, but I feel bad for my professor because apparently she was at urgent care because of some emergency with her baby. The funny thing is, I went back to my room (we didn't find out class was canceled until we all got there and she called one of us while we were waiting) and slept for ore than an hour, yet I don't feel like I got any extra sleep at all. I'm was incredibly tired, and I know I did sleep. I just woke up feeling like I hadn't at all. It was weird.

I've only had one other class so far today, and not much happened in it other than a lecture like normal. In my next class that I have in a bit though, I have a test. I actually managed to completely forget that said test was today this morning until maybe an hour ago. Now I'm just dreading it. A bunch of people were freaking out about it in another class I have with them all yesterday. I'm not as worried as them (they think the professor is going to make it much harder than I think she's going to make it), but it is going to involve a ton of writing, which is a sort of test I always dread. I just don't enjoy knowing how much my hand is going to hurt after the test.

I almost forgot that I also ran into another one of my professors while walking to class this morning, and we walked with each other for a while and talked about what we're reading for class. That was nice. One of the things I love about the size of my school is that things like that aren't uncommon. She just saw me and immediately struck up the conversation. I'm not sure how much that would happen if I was at a bigger school.

Anyway, I'm going to go try and get some homework done before I have to go take my test. I haven't actually done any yet because I gave myself some time to write things that aren't school related (something I haven't allowed myself to do on a weekday in a long time).

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