Friday, September 19, 2014

Life Post: I May or May Not Be Developing a Starbucks Problem

This week kind of flew by because I was so wrapped up in school stuff, which is an ironic thing to say. I definitely have a heavy workload right now that's taking up most of my time, but I don't feel overwhelmed. At least not yet. I'm just getting so involved in it all that I do almost nothing else.

Yesterday, I randomly got asked by a professor to volunteer at something next weekend. It was really unexpected. They just came up to me before class started (and they weren't even the professor of that class), and asked if I'd be willing to do it because it would also be a great networking opportunity for me. I was really surprised, but I agreed to it. I'm not completely positive what all it entails at the moment, but I'm feeling a bit anxious about it.

I also got Starbucks again today. I'm a bit worried that I've started a problem. Before I would drink coffee occasionally, but I didn't like it enough to drink it all the time. I'd had Starbucks before, and liked it enough but not enough to go unless dragged there. Something seems to have clicked though. Now I'm enjoyed the taste of coffee a lot more, especially when it comes flavored like at Starbucks. I'm think a lot of it has to do with actually drinking it in the mornings when I'm tired and haven't slept enough. All my other experiences were in afternoons and whatnot when I was less tired but had been taken to Starbucks by someone else. I get a better idea of why people drink coffee when I actually benefit from drinking coffee. I refuse to get it every day though. I will not do that. I'm just lucky that my meal plan already has money on it specifically for spending at restaurants on campus. Otherwise I'd be forcing myself away from Starbucks even more.

In years past, I always did my laundry on Saturdays, but I was running out of clean clothes and my mom and brother are coming up tomorrow. I decided to do it today instead of waiting until Sunday. I actually think I'll do that in the future. The laundry room was slower than I usually find it on Saturdays. I didn't have to worry about finding a machine at all. It made doing laundry so much easier, and since I did it right after my only class of the day, I managed to get it out of the way quickly.

I also wrote some today, which is the first time I've managed to fit that in all week, and that's always nice. I'm getting to the climax of this story, and I'm excited to finally have this rough draft done, even if it'll still take forever at the rate I'm going. I haven't even gotten started on my homework yet though, so I really need to get to that. I don't want to still be doing it after dark, so I need to start getting that out of the way.

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