Monday, September 29, 2014

Life Post: Lousy Start to the Week But Already Turning Around

Today didn't start off all that great if I'm being entirely honest. I don't know what it was about this morning, but it was a complete disaster. It wasn't outside things though. Well, it was, but it was more like the state of mind I was in was causing a ton of crap to happen. I came back from my first class and took a nap, and things have been significantly better since then. That's all I'll say since I really just want to forget that this morning even happened.

Like I said though, the rest of the day has been much better. I got Starbucks today (in the morning but after my nap and all the terrible stuff), which has started being a huge positive for me, and I also had to go to the bookstore to pick up something my mom ordered online. Starbucks and the bookstore are in the same building, but of course, I would forget about needing to have to go to the bookstore and then have to walk all the way back there. Luckily, it was during my long break between classes on Mondays.

Aside from my earliest class, my other two classes today went pretty well. We discussed feminist literary criticism in British literature today, and that's always exciting for me. I am a bit worried about my classes tomorrow though because we're having our first oral exam in Spanish, which freaks me out quite a bit. We're doing it with the computer instead of face-to-face, which eases my nerves a bit, but I still feel like I'm going to screw up. Here's hoping I'm wrong.

I'm nearly done with my homework, so I'm hoping I can get it done before it's dinner time. All that's left is to get started on my reading for my next British literature class, so I'm going to get to that now.

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