Saturday, September 27, 2014

Life Post: A Morning of Volunteering

Today didn't turn out to be as busy as I suspected it might be. I mentioned this briefly before I think, but one of my professors asked me to volunteer at a writing teacher's conference being held on my school's campus today. I agreed to it. Mostly because I was surprised to even be asked out of all the students she could have asked (and also partly because I like to please people and say yes if I can do something, I'll admit).

The downsides to this were 1. waking up way too early for a Saturday (even earlier than I get up for my classes) and 2. not being entirely sure what the expect. I'm always a nervous wreck if I'm not sure what to expect. Mostly I was just worried about getting there and not knowing what to do. It went easily enough though. Someone pointed me to my professor right away, and then my professor introduced me to the woman who was "in charge" of me. The woman was really nice, and from what I learned, seems to live a pretty interesting life.

My job was just to help people write name tags, so nothing difficult at all. It did get a little boring considering I had to sit there for more than two hours, but I'd definitely consider it a positive experience. (Plus, we were in this historical mansion that's part of my school, and that place is gorgeous. I always love being in there, and tons of people who came were talking about how impressed they were by the building and even just our campus in general. I had a bit of a proud student moment. Sometimes I need to be reminded that our campus really is gorgeous compared to other campuses.

I was invited to stay for the rest of the conference and go to the panels and all of that, and I almost did. In the end though, I chose not to for a variety of reasons. The two biggest reasons were my allergies acting up and giving me a sinus headache that made focusing difficult (medicine has helped that since), and the other was just the simple fact that attending panels when I already have lectures five days a week seemed like it would be difficult to get through, especially after how early I was up. (The panels all did seem interesting though, and I'm sad a bit because I could have learned a lot of stuff.) There's also homework to be done. I'm not rushing to get done with it right now (partly because I've already gotten some done), but if I'd been at that conference all day, I would have hated doing that all tonight. I don't know. There's definitely a part of me that says I should have stayed, especially since other people paid and volunteering would have allowed me to attend the panels without paying. I'm saying that as someone who didn't though, and I can also imagine myself losing my mind from tiredness, allergies, and just plain being worn out of lectures if I had stayed. I'm just too indecisive over these things to feel like I made the right choice.

It's lunchtime now though, so I need to go find myself some food. My breakfast was ages ago by now, and it's definitely time for something else.

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