Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Life Post: Tuesdays Are Hectic

Tuesdays are definitely going to be hectic days for the rest of the semester. I have so much to do. It's the day I have the most classes, and maybe for that reason, I always seem to have the most homework to get done on those days as well. It's not a good combination. I did so good yesterday and got my homework done relatively early in the afternoon. Today I still have a lot more to do than I would like, and it's been like this every Tuesday so far I think.

Anyway, I shouldn't even be writing this. I need to get back to work. I'm tired, and I really just want to get through the rest of what I have to do. Plus, it's getting to be around dinner time, so I need to decide what I'm doing for dinner. Hopefully, I won't be working too late into the evening.

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