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Supernatural Review: First Half of Season 3

I'd been doing all of my Supernatural reviews here on the blog after doing the first one as a Youtube video, but about a month ago I reviewed the last half of season two as Youtube video. If you missed that, it's here.

The first thing that struck me when I went to watch this season was how short it was. As soon as I saw that, I realized that it was probably being released during the writer's strike, and it turns out that I was right. Some research told me that the strike also led them to have fewer story lines this season, and I think it's interesting seeing how that played out.

Also, since it was shorter, I debated reviewing the entire season at once, but then I decided to just keep up with the half thing even though I've already surpassed it with the episodes I'm watching. I'ts actually a bit odd to be talking about only eight episodes at one time.

The big story of this season is trying to save Dean, and I do think it's been a pretty good season so far. I like the emotions involved with that story, especially seeing how it's affecting Sam.

I'm also interested in the idea that they released all of these demons that have been locked into hell for centuries (or millennia or something? I can't remember what exactly they say) and now they have to track them down. The giant demon cloud floating over Chicago was definitely an interesting image.

The idea of the seven deadly sins actually being specific demons was another one that was interesting to me, and the idea of fighting the seven deadly sins was a cool one. I really liked that episode, although the scene where they make that man drink drain cleaner really freaked me out. I also liked the line about casting the first stone that they used from the Bible.

The second episode of the season was another one that took place in Indiana, and we all know how excited I get when things take place in Indiana. I've never actually been to Cicero, but it's just north of Indianapolis, which means I'm not even that far from it right now. It's made even cooler by the fact that Ben and his mom live there. (I've mentioned before that I have a new goal to stop looking at spoilers, but before I set that in place, I may have looked up some things that gave me more information about that.)

Changelings have always been cool to me though, and I liked seeing an episode about them. The one other thing that I thought was a bit odd was the reed dirt they found. I've lived in Indiana my whole life, and I don't think I've ever seen red dirt here. Like I said though, I've never been to Cicero, so I don't know what kind of dirt they have there. It just struck me as odd.

We got another episode with Gordon and the guy who tags along with him whose name I can't remember and didn't write down. Gordon really freaks me out, and it's not really in an enjoyable way either. I'm just glad he's dead. I did really enjoy the "don't play with my Jesus" line that the one guy had. Mostly though, I just liked the later episode of the season where he dies because it means that he's gone.

The episode where the priest is a demon really freaked me out. I started suspecting it before it was actually revealed, but it was still weird. That's a brilliant cover though, if you think about it. If I were a demon, I'd probably disguise myself as some sort of religious figure.

The episode with the fairy tale murders might have been one of m favorites. As soon as the episode opened, I started realizing that it was the three little pigs. (To be fair, I can't remember the title of the episode, but I think it tipped me off to the fairy tale thing.) It was interesting to see that, although the Hansel and Gretel one was one of those things that really freaked me out.

The ghost ship episode was another cool one. As soon as the ghost ship appeared, I thought of the Flying Dutchman, and as soon as it was mentioned later, I got excited. There was also a hand of glory in this episode, which reminds me of Harry Potter and the hand of glory Draco gets, even though I know it's something that goes back farther than Harry Potter.

Bella is also in this episode. She's really grown on me. I didn't like her much at first, but now I'd say I can at least like her a bit. She's still not my favorite. I think I tend to like episodes she's in though, so that's making me warm up towards her.

Then we have the episode where Gordon dies, which I liked as I already said. I think it was definitely a good idea to make Gordon a vampire first. I love that sort of thing. I also enjoyed hearing about the vampire in the episode's experience and how he feels. Mostly though, I'm just happy that Gordon died. I'll admit it.

The last episode of this half of the season was a Christmas-y episode, which I'm really glad I didn't actually watch around Christmas. This episode involved pagan gods again, and I'm really interested in knowing the difference between pagan gods and demons. I think there is one, but it seems a bit confusing over what that is. I kind of want to look into it and see if there's an answer, but I'm wary of spoilers. Anyway, these pagan gods seem really ruthless, and terrifying. I also enjoyed getting flashbacks to Christmases that Sam and Dean had in the past.

Overall, I thought these episodes were good, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the rest of season three.

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