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Legend of Korra Review: Book 4 Episode 2: "Korra Alone"

This episode was amazing! I've seen things on Tumblr with parallels between this episode and "Zuko Alone," which I absolutely love, but even putting that aside, this episode was just amazing. I love the story we're getting this season and how it's more personal to Korra. So far she's not struggling against any huge villain. She's just trying to find herself again. That's such a different story than what we've gotten from Korra in the past, and I'm really enjoying it.

The letters were such a fun part of the episode yet so sad. I love how each of the letters were so much from the characters who were writing them. I got really sad over the idea of Korra never writing back though except to Asami two years later. I hate seeing friendships fall apart. I kind of think it's one of my big things that make me more emotional than anything else, so hearing those kinds of things is really hard for me. I think back to how excited Mako and Asami both were to see her again though, and that was after hardly (or at all in Mako's case) speaking to her for three years. It makes me an emotional mess basically.

Korra definitely as PTSD which is such a realistic thing, and I love that they're dealing with it. The apparition of herself is amazing, and it seems like a real spirit thing as the other spirit could see it. That's such an amazing metaphor with having her fight against herself. I love it. Speaking of that other spirit though, those little spirits were the cutest ever! That one even climbed up to Korra's lap and then he cared enough to go find her again and lead her to the forest. You have no idea how in love I am with some spirits that were in the episode so briefly. I need them to make plushies of those spirits because that is some merchandise I would buy.

I'm getting ahead of myself though because I have yet to talk about Katara. I'm so happy we got to see her again! I love her helping Korra heal. I don't even know what else to say about that other than the fact that I'm just really happy, and she talked to Korra about Aang which made me even more happy. Seeing Katara just made me so happy. That might have been the biggest thing at the beginning that pointed out that this would be an amazing episode.

The time skips in this episode got me a little confused at first, but it wasn't bad after a little bit. Also, I find it interesting that we're dealing with Korra not being able to enter the Avatar State again when that was a struggle she's already overcome once.

Korra decides to sail off towards Republic City all by herself, which is one of the bravest things in the world as far as I'm concerned. Thinking about being out on the ocean entirely alone just makes me want to freak out, especially when I think about the fact that she's still not entirely healed. I think you'd have to be a brave person to do that when you're perfectly healthy.

Back to the adorable little spirit helping Korra though, as soon as he lead her to the swamp, I knew Toph was showing up in this episode, and in a really surprising moment, I started crying as soon as Toph was on the screen. I seriously had to pause the episode and calm down enough to be able to see the screen as soon as she said, "Nice to see you again, Twinkle Toes." I lost it. I didn't even react that way when Zuko appeared again, and Zuko is my favorite character! I put it down to the fact that I thought Toph was dead for so long, and it's still been relatively recently that we found out she might be alive and even more recently that we found out she was alive and would be in the show. I hadn't prepared myself for it yet. Whereas with Zuko I was going on and on about how he better show up from the very beginning of season one. I was prepared for that.

I want Toph to stick around for the rest of the season! I want to see her with Katara and Zuko! Do you have any idea how amazing a scene with all three of them would be!? We haven't even gotten to see Katara and Zuko interact yet, but if it was all three of them I don't know if I could handle it.

I love how Toph has been living alone in the swamp though. For some reason it just seems like a Toph thing to do once she reached a certain age. And she doesn't even seem surprised that Korra just happened to stumble upon her, and she makes freaking jokes about having been close friends in Korra's past life. Wow, guys. I'm starting to cry again. I really love Toph. And references to Toph and Aang's friendship. Those were so sweet in the only way Toph can be sweet.

One funny thing to me though is how much of a witch Toph kind of seemed like. Just her mannerisms and her look and her voice and the fact that she had a cauldron-like thing going. I almost immediately thought about witches. That being said, she was also so Toph that now it feels funny to me to think of that connection.

This episode was just incredible in so many ways. It's quite possibly my favorite Korra episode in a while, which is saying a lot and I'm not sure if I can say that in comparison to Zuko's scenes. I just really hope Toph sticks around. We know for sure that Zuko's showing up again at least with his daughter, and I need Toph, Zuko, and Katara interaction! I seriously need that to happen before the show ends. (I just wish Aang and Sokka could also be there in order to have the whole Gaang (unless you're someone who counts Suki and the Gaang, which I'm not against but don't really do), but I'll just have to continue being sad about that...) I'm so beyond excited to see what happens next week.

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